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Begin with Bespoke. Built with Enthusiasm. Make a BELEGA “Your” BELEGA.

BELEGA has a team of highly efficient and coordinative professionals, including product designers, metalwork engineers, sales and service consultant, interior designers, and installation engineers. With an end-to-end service, we dive deep into your imagination of the perfect kitchen; through concrete methods we help you depict and turn concepts into reality.

Why we are the first choice for you

About Belega

From professional commercial kitchen manufacturer, to extraordinary bespoke stainless steel kitchen brand, this is the overview of BELEGA’s history. We see kitchen as a space where we unleash creativity, satisfy our sensations, and make the most enjoyment of life; these are the objectives a perfect kitchen should achieve. We achieve these objectives with rigor, and see them as doctrines in the making of every kitchen in order to create unmatched value of our product.

This is the central belief of BELEGA. Whether it’s a memory, an experience, or a vision, we ponder relentlessly over the possibilities kitchen can do to our living during every process we had communicated with every customer. We check every single step of the production in order to progress from every problem we face – are the materials durable and eco-friendly enough? Do the details of the product, manufactured by hand, match our excessive standard? Through exploring deeply into our daily life, we aspire to create classical kitchen that overpasses the limit of time and flourishes your living ambience.

Passion & Work

Belega has always approached this complexity by combining technical and practical precision, material innovation, and space creation. With more than 30 years of experience producing stainless steel cabinets for the Japan and Taiwan markets, it has collaborated with many well-known international designers to develop new living areas and accessories.

Truly Creative

We collaborate with the best architects around the world to implement a wide variety of different philosophies, to embrace change and maintain a user-centric value while enhancing it through more precise design of furnishings, materials, and common areas. Precision robotic manufacturing and material advancements have made this possible.

Projects showcase

private Club House

private Club House


Private Residence

Private Residence


Xue  Xue Institute

Xue Xue Institute


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